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The Biggest Video Technology for Massive Commissions & Sales. VidMagnet easily allows anyone (Newbie and Expert) to siphon massive free traffic from any video on YouTube and turn them to massive sales, commissions and leads.

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VidMagnet adds interactive elements to your videos that

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Fully Galvanized High Converting Funnel To Convert Your Traffic Into Huge $435 Commission Per Customer

Our proven, fully tested and optimized funnel is guaranteed to convert your traffic into $435 commissions per customer. Your customers will grab VidMagnet offer like bee to honey!

The Funnel

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Proven Track Record

I only deliver proven products that deliver massive value to customers and huge commissions for my affiliates. If it doesn’t deliver value to customers, we don’t bring it to the market.

Binsta App has generated over $120k in Revenue and Over 3000+ Happy Customers!

  • 3 Affiliates Generated 5-Figure Commissions
  • 20 Affiliates made 4-Figure Commissions
  • Our $97 and $147 Offer Was Converting At Over 30%
  • Low Refund Rate So You Keep Most Of Your Earnings
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$3000 In Prizes

Even With Your 50% Commission Across the Funnel, We’re Throwing In Some Massive Prizes To Further Make You More Money!

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Commissions generated must match the prize money to be paid out - if not the commissions will be matched. No teams allowed!

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I Reciprocate… HARD!

I honour the friendship and partnership code that drives the industry. If your offer fits my customer base, best believe I will smash the hell out of it. I go hard from LIVE hour to Closing!

Over 1300+ Sales Generated for Mike Mckay in 4 Months.

I went hard on all Mike’s launches to generate over 1400 sales in less than 4 months.

530+ Sales On A Single Launch.

Over 1200+ Visitors and 523 Sales 30% Conversion Rate

Over $200k Generated In Commissions in 2020 Only!

I delivered over $200k in Commissions in 2020 alone and I intend to double that in 2021.

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